Coreelec N2+ HDMI (Ultra High speed) connections

Sorry if this question was asked before. Here are my devices. Coreelec N2+, LG TV & AV Yamaha receiver. (TV and AV are both ARC/eARC capable) Can someone can assist me on how to properly connect them together. Thank you so very much.

Presume you’ve worked this out, but…

Just use two high quality HDMI cables (ideally rated for HDMI V2.1 48Gbps, never hurts to over specify, but as a minimum HDMI V2 18Gbps cables).

One goes between your N2+ and the amp, and the other between the TV and the amp (into the eARC port on the amp end).

This means you can flow video and sound up from our CE box through the amp to the TV. In the case of watching broadcast TV (or things casted to the TV etc) - the video is already obviously at the TV, and the sound flows back from the TV to the amp, so you thus get the benefit of the amp & your speakers for all scenarios.

This is basically your classic modern setup up if using an amp and is so very much simpler than it was before HDMI and ARC came along.

Typically the only vaguely tricky part is setting up the ‘inputs’ bit in your amp. And getting CEC to work reliably if you plan to use that - personally, I turn CEC off everywhere and use a universal remote, which I find to be vastly more reliable than CEC.

Hello - Thank you for your advice. I did follow your simple recommended setting and used HDMI ultra-high-speed cables V2.1 48Gbps. The LG TV uses an HDMI3 port for (ARC/eARC) connected to AV receiver HDMI out (ARC/eARC) port. Then, N2+ connects to AV receiver HDMI 1 port.
With these settings - There will be no VIDEO and AUDIO showing on the television. IF I switch to HDMI 4 port on the TV there will be no issue EXCEPT every end of playback, the screen will turn black. I have to switch to a different HDMI port via remote and bring it back to the HDMI 4. I even reset to the factory setting both TV and AV receiver with no luck. Thank you again for your assistance.

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