Coreelec not starting on Tanix TX3+ (S905X2)

Hello everybody.

I’m currently trying to find a solution for the whole family to (uniformly) play video and audio files from an (SMB) NAS and additionally provide access to a local SAT>IP server (which gets the channels partly via DVB-C and partly via DVB-S). I already have Kodi running on a Windows PC and think it’s great. This PC is also to be replaced by a Linux box.

First I got an Android box called “T95” and tried it out. Since I don’t need anything except Kodi, I want to use LibreELEC or CoreELEC. I have now abandoned the idea of the T95 for the time being, as the H606 and its peripherals are probably not supported properly.
In Kodi itself, the media playback goes smoothly on the box, the TV also works as desired. But loading the “Movies” and “Series” pages takes a very long time. Since the data for all boxes is stored on a MySQL server, the database cannot be the problem. The server is super fast. I think it’s because of the graphics that Kodi stores and loads locally. The internal MMC memory doesn’t seem to be the fastest. That’s why it’s best to run the whole thing via a fast SD card. I got myself a 128 GB card which has high read and write values.

The second thing I ordered was a Tanix TX3. It arrived - but it turned out to be a Tanix TX3+. In contrast to the “normal” TX3, it has an S905X2, but also 5GHz WLAN, which is not bad. So I downloaded the current stable from Core Elec and copied the g12a_s905x2_2g.dtb from the device tree into the root as dtb.img. If I now insert the SD card into the device and hold the reset button with a wooden stick and connect the power cable, the TX3 logo appears and then nothing happens. If I remove the power briefly and then switch it on again, the same behaviour occurs. The box seems to remember that it should boot from the SD card. When I remove the SD card, the Android boots normally again.
I have the same behaviour when I use an 8 GB USB stick. It doesn’t matter whether I plug it into the USB2 port (black) or the USB3 port (blue).
Do I need to use a different DTB?

I have also installed and tried the Reboot to elec app. With the same result. When the SD card / USB stick is inserted, the TX3 logo appears and the box stops.

Can anyone help with a good tip?

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