CoreElec on Mecool KM2 Plus Deluxe

Hello everyone,
Do you think the Mecool KM2 Plus Deluxe can run CoreElec?

And with Dolby Vision?

I think Portisch answered many times…

I can add that in the past Mecool decided not to support CoreELEC and as everyone knows typically the only stuff needed is samples and some support in code. So, as a major brand, Mecool legitimately decided to do that and also legitimately we don’t really care that much about their stuff.

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If it’s okay, shortly I will be posting some instructions for booting CoreElec on Skyworth YYC S905X4 devices (and related HP44H Skyworth devices) which include:

Mecool KM2 Plus
Mecool KM2 Plus Deluxe

and others.

The primary purpose of the instructions will be to explain a workaround for the “lack of physical reset button” issue. Some further development may be needed in order to achieve full functionality.

Without reset button, you can use, remote adb shell app from phone, with reboot update command, or reboot to CoreElec app from here in the forum. But as vasco wrote no support here to mecool boxes…

That’s not the case specifically for Skyworth YYC devices, and most other Skyworth devices.

That’s why I asked “If it’s okay”.

Mecool really has nothing at all to do with these Skyworth devices, other than branding and selling them, of course. But if vasco doesn’t want the instructions posted, I won’t post them.

I think I’ll just post the instructions on xdaforum instead. Anyone who wants to try CE on a Skyworth YYC device can follow along there.

You can post the instructions, no problem. We only support officially a few devices but all are welcome here. We just can’t provide specific support to some devices sometimes

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