Coreelec on MyGica ATV 495X-B (Amlogic S905X-B)

Hi all,

I try to boot Coreelec from SD/USB (or Libreelec - i am indifferent) in a MyGica ATV 495X (Amlogic based S905X-B) without success.

I have raised the issue too in libreelec forum, but no one has responded …

At least, since then I have gained root priviledges in the TV box (probably in Android OS itself (?)) by applying a patch from MyGica. Also, I have opened the box to explore where I could potentially solder a button in order to try the “toothpick” method too. The box does not have a reset button, hence I have tried all other methods which land me in the Android recovery prompt.

I have tried EVERYTHING and have followed the instructions here and in LE forum word-by-word.

Is it just a support/compatibility issue or am I missing something?

I trust Coreelec community is closer to Amlogic TV Box owners to help.


Your Quote from LE “Where I end up, is the Android recovery utility, asking me if I want to reboot, update from EXT, etc…
I understand that the Android recovery utility comes after the bootloader, hence my USB/SD card is not able to “cheat” the bootloader and kick in LibreElec.”
Firstly burn CoreELEC onto SD Card and use correct Device tree for your box specs. Rename dtb.img. Now make a fake Zip file. Just zip up a text file. Copy that to a USB stick. Insert the USB stick and the SD Card with CoreELEC.
Now do exactly what you’ve done before and point to the External USB stick and Choose the fake ZIP file. Click on it and your box MIGHT reboot and Boot into CoreELEC on the SD Card.

Thanks Kostaman.
Unfortunately, this did not work either. The “upgrade” app in the Android OS does not see my zip file in the USB drive to select for update.
However I tried all other possible methods (“update reboot” command via terminal, holding power key and inserting power cable) with the USB (holding the dummy zip file) pluged in and with Coreelec on the SD card.
I also tried 5 different device trees as well as both USB ports.
Fyi, the image below shows where i end up…
If you have any other idea or guidance, it would be much appreciated.

Maybe , Just Maybe ??
Name the zip .


Renaming the zip to did not resolve the issue. I tried again all different combinations using different device trees.

However, I got Coreelec finally working by the following inspiration!!:

I made a copy and renamed “aml_autoscript” to “factory_update_param.ubt”. In a way this fooled Android firmware as if I prompted a legitimate firmware update…, however in effect it was executing the commands to load up Coreelec. After that, it booted to Coreelec and anytime after powering up or restarting the TV box.

Now, I need to read about how I can get the IR remote working.

Would you recommend installing Coreelec to internal memory or there is not any real benefit of doing so?

At the moment, I am using a 2GB SD card; would this be enough for Coreelec or is it defo too small in the long term for an average Coreelec user?


You should get yourself a decent SD Card with fast read write speeds. I’m guessing that 2gb SD Card is not. Samsung Evo Plus 32gb is my preferred sd card.

@ Poida : Well-noted. I am leaving then Coreelec installed on the SD card as is.

@ Kostaman: Considering the low cost of SD cards nowadays, I purchased a 32GB Kingston Canvas Go micro SD card (90MB/sec Read & 45MB/sec Write) for £8 …

I figured out the issue with IR remote too. The guide in the forum was really accurate.