Coreelec on NexBox A5 2gb/8gb

Hello to everybody and happy new year.
As the title implies i have a NexBox A5 2gb/8gb and i a bit uncertain on what to use to install CE.
Right now it has LE 8 running almost happily but lately i have some issues popping up like Addons not working properly and i am looking for upgrading.
For the record if it makes any difference right now LE is running on internal the original Android was crappy to say the least


The NexBox A5 has a S905X SoC. The board is listed as Nexbox_A5 so that doesn’t help.

You could try the CoreELEC generic build and see which of the S905X dtb’s work for your box.

Just one problem, the box is becoming a bit old and will have a hard time decoding anything that uses widevine (Netflix, Amazon VOD, … ). By hard time I mean, it will be slower than molasses.

For NetFlix i don’t have interest…if everything else works i am OK
I guess i have to try the generic

It will take some time, but if you try each dtb image from the device tree, you might find a working dtb. Start with the most obvious ones.

To my knowledge, attempting to boot a device from USB or SD with an incompatible dtb should not cause damage to the device. It is my understanding the box simply won’t boot unless a compatible dtb is found on the boot media.

Well good news and bad news
I found a correct dtb and a remote conf and everything was working from microSD except that it was super slow…
So i used the installtointernal to write it to interna hoping for performance improvement and it seems that everything was “smooth” but after rebooting the remote is dead.
Copied the remote.conf to .config but again nothing…
Any ideas?

Installtointernal is not supported.
Now You know why

But other than that it works great…i check with a keyboard and now the system flies…
I just need remote.
Any guide how to create remote.conf from scratch ?
I tried and pasted also to /flash but it didn’t do the job either.

Resolved it…

For future reference:

Which DTB did you use that works with the A5?

This one :gxl_p212_2g_g9sx

Thanks. This information might be handy for others with the same box.

I believe CE-ng can run on your box. It runs on my NexBox A95X-B7N surprisingly smooth.

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