CoreElec on VONTAR X98H Pro / 4GB / 1Gbit

Good day,

i would like to ask please if i run coreelec on this device and if everything works fine?

Thank you

The X98H Pro is another Android 12 TV Box powered by Allwinner H618 SoC. This time in the new X98H Pro TV Box we find Dual HDMI (HDMI IN and HDMI OUT). In addition, we find up to 4GB RAM, up to 64GB eMMC, WiFi 6, and more.

Try LibreELEC or custom ROMs - this Soc isn’t for CoreELEC.

So I searched the LibreELEC forum and found a bad message for me:

“Allwinner H618 (and related H616) are not currently supported and there are no images. H6 is supported.”

Luckily I have another android box > X96 Max+

So I will try to use this box on CoreELEC.

Thank you for answer

Apologies for this link, CE Team - Vontar X98 - debian - just wanted to prevent the electronic waste - maybe that box should have an use after all. Hope its going to work somehow in Linux! :roll_eyes:

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