CoreElec opkg missing? opkg: not found

Mini 8s ii (Amlogic S905X)
Image: CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-
DTB Image: gxl_p212_2g.dtb

I’m really perplexed. Is OPKG not included in CoreElec? Is this just common knowledge?

“sh: opkg: not found” in terminal…

I’ve been trying to install some modules; one being m2crypto. I also would like to install zerotier. I’m hitting a wall at every hurdle. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of OPKG being removed anywhere online. I’ve even found some topics (with guides) implying I should be using OPKG :confused:

I’ve installed python’s pip installer hoping I can just use that, but that’s failing to install m2crypto as well. Unrelated I know. Just annoying.

I am booting from USB since I don’t want to install to NAND just yet. I’m hoping that’s not the issue?

Can anyone shine some light on this subject for me. Where’s OPKG. Can I install it? Any guides…



CE has no built in package manager. It is a fully packaged OS which is not intended to be modified in any significant way since it is highly stripped back and optimized to just run as a media player.

However the CE team added the ability to add the ENTWARE repository which can be installed by running the command



It is also possible to install Docker and setup Docker containers for more advanced situations.


Thank you! I looked up a few topics on entware to! The few mentions I found didn’t reveal that golden answer. Well, that satisfies my zerotier installation woes.



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