CoreElec settings menu borked

Sorry about the non-technical title, but the word fits. I’ve only seen this once before when I tried to enable the WiFi access point functionality in CoreElec settings - this condition happened when I disabled that functionality after enabling it. I just saw it again on a friend’s device, but I don’t know what triggered this condition in his case.

The condition itself is the same in both cases: the “connections” area is empty rather than showing available WiFi networks, and the other menu areas are shifted, i.e. the “updates” items showing in the “network” menu.

Reinstalling CoreElec fixes it, but I’m wondering if this is a bug, and if there’s a less-destructive way of correcting it?

CoreElec 20.5 on an Amlogic s905w2 device.

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Has no one else ever seen this happen? Even if you did not figure out a resolution (other than reinstalling Coreelec)…