CoreELEC Stats

Just to let everybody know, we have made our stats available and these can be viewed in real-time here.

More information on how we collect this data and what we data we store can also be found here.


Would it be possible that you show also the statistics of the countries ?

I’ve two C2 under 8.95.2 and i’m suprised that there is only 358 c2 under coreelec… Because correlec rocks! ; -) thank you for the job…

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Top 10 countries have been added

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Would it be possible to break it down by dtb file, that way it would be possible to work out what boxes are most popular ie 905x, 905w, 1G, 2G ?

The update check doesn’t currently report this information to us, we could add it in future builds but we would have to have a team discussion on this as to whether collecting further stats would be appropriate.

I was thinking S905 X/W/D would be a useful stat I just thought the dtb file name may give you most of the data. Maybe adding an option in CoreElec settings not to report the info may be an option for those bothered about privacy.

The option to turn off reporting already exists and is explained in the link in the first post.

S905X nice SOC :slight_smile: i have it too.