CoreELEC Team SDIO Debug Board

Should work now. You were new registered and in trust level 0 so you were not able to send PM messages.

How can i order this SDIO Debug Board? I can’t pm @Portisch, can u help me

There is a link in the first post. If you click the link it will allow you to message @Portisch with your details to arrange purchase.

The problem is if a new user is registered, he need to read some threads first and be only for a few minutes until he reach “level 2” and be able to send PM.

I need one. This is something very clever by the team, we do need this to debug boxes which only have uart holes on the board.

With this debugging will be super easy.
Pming you.

Hi there! I was looking for one of those for a while now. Do you have any units in stock? I would purchase 10 pieces to start with… Please, let me know or email me directly.

In the first post you find the current status of the stock and also how to order them: @Portisch

I need 1 too. Where I buy? Send me pm please.

i want to buy sdio debug board, where i can buy it?

There is a link in the first post to write a PM to ->Portisch<-

Very nice tool!
What hosts are meant to be used with this board?
My doubt is regarding the availability of the console output on the SDIO interface.

It’s almost same as SSH dmesg except the advantage you also get bootloader log.
With this adapter there is no need to open and no need to solder on the target device.

On host side you can use any 3.3V TTL compatible UART/USB converter like you prefer. Any host software and terminal program can be used.

Connection is 115200bit/s, 8N1. In first post there is a slightly modified Putty version for Windows attached.

can i order this tool sir?

Currently out of stock. Depends on when I get back to office to be able to assemble more pieces. But no time schedule yet…

i hope you notify me if its avalilable, i really need this tool to dump the firmware of my tv box sir, thanks before :blush:

hi @Portisch, when this tools is available to buy ?
i really need this tool to unlock my stb…

i want to order this CoreELEC Team SDIO Debug Board

I want too. Where order? Thanks.

Read the first post to the end :wink:

Today I got 12 pcs again on stock. So anyone follow the link in the first post how to order if he still have a need for such debug board.

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