Coreelec to EMMC?

how do I install the coreelec to EMMC?
i use Khadas vim2 davice.

I’m using KVIM and trying to use eMMC either and failed.

But, the command is still “installtointernal”

LibreELEC was successful but how do I install the coreelec to EMMC?

Install to internal is present within Coreelec.
Login via SSH and simply type “installtointernal”. Wait for it to reboot, if you have an issue after this first reboot, then repeat the above steps and it should be installed and ready to go.

It goes without saying - do so at your own risk.


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Wow it was so easy that I did not believe it, it took me no more than 20 seconds
Thank you so much for solving this problem.

As has been said before,