CoreELEC, TVHeadend and DVB-C tuners working flawlessly, possible?

I have a N2 with latest CoreElec, TVHeadend Server and an Xbox One DVB-C tuner. I also have a C2 where I tried everything on as well.

No matter what I do, I get tons of Data Errors and both Live TV and Recordings are freezing every few seconds and there are lots of artifacts, especially on HD channels that are sending signals with a high bitrate. The same cable works great on my TV’s.

Is it the Xbox tuner that doesn’t work or is it an issue with the Odroids? I have read other posts on here from 2019-2020 where others are having the same issues with other types of tuners. I was considering getting a Hauppage WinTV Dual DVB-C tuner, but have read others with the same issues on that as well.

So I guess I’m asking if there is any point pursuing this, if the Odroid’s USB/kernel just isn’t up to the task?
Or maybe hearing some success stories and what hardware and settings they have used.

If you want flawless live tv the Xbox tuner isn’t the one for you. It’s completely normal to have the same exact cable working well on the tv tuner. I started with a Xbox tuner but I moved on to use hdhomerun expand/connect satip system.

I never really use it for live TV. I just want recordings that’s bearable to watch. I wish I could still buy HDHomerun for DVB-C in Europe, but I think they have left that market.

Out of stock, they don’t know when they’ll have it back. Try the Hauppage it’s certainly better and you can always return it if you buy on Amazon.

IPTV via an HDHR is definitely a better option with less problems. However if you cannot buy one then it is not a solution. Have you tried using the micro/mini USB on the front of the N2 instead of the ones on the back for the Xbox Tuner. I think you might find this will give better results.

Have you checked this wiki article covering TVHeadend? Maybe try a clean install on USB or μSD Card with only TVHeadend and the addon(s) you use for Live TV, and see if the problem persists?

No I assume that requires an adaptor from USB to micro USB? Don’t have one of those lying around. Is there a realistic chance that it would make a difference?

Yes I tried on clean N2 and also the C2 with the exact same results with many different high quality shielded DVB cables.

It sure did for me when I started using my N2 and Xbox Tuner. Infact it was the only way it would work with a USB Tuner. I believe the N2+ does not have the issue with the rear USB ports. In time I switched over to HDHR which enabled me to place the tuner in a more suitable location, plus of course no errors.

Tried the XBox tuner on my N2 - load of continuity errors, etc.
Bought a Haupauge Dual Tuner and the system is working flawlessly ever since. (N2 not N2+!)

Sometimes it can help to check signal levels as it did in my case. But you might need professional equipment for that. To high is as bad as to low!

Got my hands on an old Hdhr 3 and with the C2 it gave as many continuity errors as before, but on the N2+ it seemed much better. Hope this will work better from now on.

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