Coreelec version 19.x on H96Pro+

Just quick question, I was not here for a while and I am running version 9.2.8. on my H96Pro+ device (SoC S912). Do I understand correctly that Coreelec versions 19.x and higher are not compatible with H96Pro+ anymore?
I see only “ng” versions for which H96Pro+ wrote that hardware is not compatible.
Does it mean that Coreelec 9.2.8. version is the latest and final one for H96Pro+?
Thanks in advance.

You are right, with both assumptions. Your SOC/box is not supported by CE 19 Matrix or higher. The latest version your box supports is indeed 9.2.8.

Thanks and it is pity. It seems I need to buy newer Android box :slight_smile:

For future reference see here and here.

Second link “here” is not working.

Thanks for letting me know. Corrected.