CoreELEC vs LibreELEC

Hi to the Team!

I just notices CoreELEC and I’m somewhat confused. I’m using Odroid C2 for a while now as a player, running wrxtasy’s builds. I do use Live TV, the backend is running TVHeadend server, everything works quite nice.
What would be the benefits for me by moving to CoreELEC? As a matter of fact, why is it better or in what aspect it is different compared to official LE or in my case, wrxtasy’s builds?


In short:
LE KODI Krypton
With developments especially for AML based devices
Take a SDCard, install, test and see

…and take some time to read in forums about the features of kodi leia vs. krypton…

Particularly the bit about remotes

Krypton vs Leia, basically if you want to use video streaming like netflix and amazon then you need to use coreelec

LibreELEC is focused mainly on x86 and RPi.

Most of the CoreELEC team is focused on Amlogic, we also collaborate with the OSMC developers who are also focused on Amlogic because of their Vero4K device.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to say which is better.

Our builds consist of the kszaq kernel and numerous patches which fix a number of problems related to running Kodi on Amlogic hardware along with the very latest and bleeding edge version of Kodi.

wrxtasy builds are Krypton (17.6) where as CoreELEC is Leia (18).