Coreelec vs Ubuntu + Kodi on Odroid N2+

I’ve been running Coreelec on an Odroid N2+ 4GB for a year and a half now, and performance is fine, but I don’t find CE to be all that reliable or stable, and I’m tired of having to unplug the Odroid when it freezes. Are there any drawbacks to replacing CE with Ubuntu or some other version of Linux and installing Kodi on it? Anyone have any other setups they’d recommend? I’d be down to try Android if that makes the most sense, but I’d prefer something not made by Google. The most important thing for me is the ability to play movies in HDR with Atmos, and I’d obviously like to keep things snappy in the UI (I’m not running any fancy skins or anything, if that matters).

I also have an aging Raspberry Pi Zero W running Homebridge and Pi Hole, and it’d be great if I could get rid of it and run those things plus Kodi on one device, but given how unreliable CE has been for me, it hasn’t made sense to consolidate.

As you did not attach any information or log of your issues it will be hard to help. I use myself Amlogic-ne and previously Amlogic-ng on multiple different devices without any issue, including the N2(+)…

I’m just looking into the pros and cons of replacing CE on my device with something else right now. The issues I’m experiencing with my current CE setup aren’t that big of a deal and don’t come up often, but I’d need something more stable if I’m going to run Homebridge and Pi Hole on this device.

You won’t get more stable then a N2+ running CE for a média center. But if you want another flavour the best place to ask is in odroid forum. Pihole will run anywhere, I ran it in a rpi1 256mb without any problem until recently when I retired it.

That makes sense. Thank you.

But with docker you can run almost anything with CE and it won’t fail. Unless you mess up your setup.

I will definitely look into that as well.

I’m running heating for my apartment and didn’t have any issues with it. So I’m sure CE is stable but if you run any strange Kodi addon you could get into troubles. So the process is simple: start with very basic usage and then identify exactly what problem you have.

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