Corelec or leaving android

he hello is it better or faster to run kodi in corelec or is kodi in android faster and when i run kodi from sd card will it be slower then from internal thanks for help me

Is this a question?
Try it and you’ll see it. CoreELEC is a simplified (Just enough) OS for running Kodi. Choose a good SD card and there will be no problem with speed.

For my hardware 905X Amlogic Quad Core 64bit, Android 6.0 was sloooooooow in everything including Kodi v17.1. So happy now that I installed CoreELEC to the internal memory & got rid of Android. Kodi runs quicker & a lot more stable. Cheers.

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thanks a lot i will try again to get corelec installed on my box but it is a little difficult on this mecool but thanks for the feedback

It’s worth the effort, Kodi on Android is just horrible.

Even running CoreELEC on a decent SD card (Sandisk Ultra or above) Kodi will run MUCH better than Android on internal.

well i have finaly corelec working from my sd card with help from scott martin a friend from facebook but now i dont have a working remote and i hope i could find a working file that i can put in the box but i really dont understand how to do it on the easy way becausi it looks difficult for me please what is the easy way to get my remote work for this m8s pro l thanks for helping me its getting better everea day

I’m sorry I can’t help. I am very ill, all the information is in the original post.

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get well

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You just need to execute the following command to add support for the original remote the mecool device came with:
echo "meson-ir * mecool" > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg

hope you get better very soon bubblegum and relkai shout i do this with putty and yust give that command and thats it will my remote works then would be great thanks a lot

Yes, that’s right. Just connect to your device using puTTY, enter the above command and reboot your box.

well i think i have this question dubbel posted but anyway that didnt work i put the command in with putty than hit the key enter on my keybord and then the command reboot. the box reboot but no keys from the remote works any idee

You are asking for the same help on two topics!

yes thats my fold i already told it above letss close this one thanks for helping me i will contiyou on the other topic grtz

CoreELEC has meant a technological revolution. Seven years ago, small Android boxes with Amlogic processors made their appearance for the first time, allowing very few things to be done, three years later the first Amlogic S8xx processors came up with true multimedia capabilities, a year later the first Amlogic S9xx processors came up with a impressive processing capacity. However, it was not until 2018 when CoreELEC began to become popular, completely detached from Android.

Many people think that CoreELEC is just a way to run Kodi because they see it on their TV screen and try comparisons with Android, Windows 10, Linux for PC, etc., without thinking that CoreELEC runs excellently in small and cheap boxes that barely consume 5 watts, that can work 24/7 hours and that allow to replace, in a domestic environment, expensive NAS devices and PC-based servers.

Do you want a TV server? CoreELEC has it.
Do you want a file server with multiple disk drives? CoreELEC has it.
Do you want a network storage server for your security cameras? CoreELEC has it.
Do you want a log server to monitor your home network? CoreELEC has it.
Do you want a time server for devices that do not need an internet connection? CoreELEC has it.
Do you want a secure and remote access VPN server? CoreELEC has it.
Do you want to remotely monitor the operation of CoreELEC itself? CoreELEC has it.

CoreELEC is not a closed system like Android, but an open system like a PC that works on cheap devices that consume less than 5 watts.

Intel has also seen the potential of the low-cost device market and now there are emerging mini-PCs without ventilation and with six USB ports, at an increasingly affordable and interesting price, in China, of course!

Thanks to the entire CoreELEC team!


Sorry but this is nonsense.

corelecc is 10 time better than kodi in android,thats why were all here using it