Coreleec Meecool KM1 Amlogic S905X3

Good Morning. I’m new. I have bought a meecool km1 with amlogic S905x3 and I don’t know if it can install coreleec. Just choose the download for 905x3 ?. Then the km1 does not appear, what name do I put 905x3? Thank you

Just choose S905X3 from the Generic list.

Meecool KM1 Amlogic S905X3

RAM 4GB ??
LAN Ethernet 100M ???

OS: Android 9.0 Google Certified Could be a problem with locked Bootloader which will block booting CoreELEC from SD Card or USB

CE can boot from SD (maybe also from USB), but no installation to internal. The KM1 BT remote control works only partially (the OK button does not work).

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