Correct image for Minix NEO-U9-H?

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my U9-H box to CE from Android, since I only got LE 9.x working (nothing higher) and was fed up with Android.

Through the official image selection I didn’t find any indication which one I should take, since there’s no specific mention about S912 devices and the U9-H also doesn’t appear in the MINIX list, so I started here with the next best info I could find, but the image names hinted at there don’t appear to apply to higher versions.

I’m having the same issue as mentioned here, where the proposed solution seems to be wrong (as the mentioned dts file (uncompiled) can’t be used, but rather has to be a .dtb file.), but even choosing the gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb file I had from (I think) LE, it doesn’t work. Which made me suspect that maybe using generic images was wrong afterall, because they don’t have any gxm* dtb’s in their images anyway.

If it helps, the serial log I’m checking during booting (via a TTL converter on the JDEBUG1 header) ends with

Starting kernel ...
uboot time: 6340566 us

(after successfully uncompressing the kernel image and loading ramdisk and device tree)

So long story short: might I have the wrong image or does anyone have an other idea what might be wrong? TIA

S912 CPU - You have to stay on CE9

Thanks for the quick reply!

That explains pretty much everything :thinking:

Too bad, since the hardware on this box is pretty potent and could suffice for another few years at least…


Yes it could. S912 is a nice device. Amlogic pretty much abandoned it and the hack used before for 3.14 kernel doesn’t work in newer kernels.

Any idea how much I’d be missing out on with LE/CE vs. Android when the latter has the newest kodi?

I don’t really care about newest features, if anything then probably most about hvec decoding performance. The reason I wanted to upgrade in the first place was the netflix app stopped working on ancient Android, but TBH I’ve no idea whether kodi’s netflix plugin works well enough (which would have to be the case to run CE comfortably for my scenario I guess).

You have to compare similar things. Kodi is just better in CE than in Android because the OS is dedicated to it. You can’t compare CE 9.2.8 to android kodi 20 although I bet it still works better if you have support for all you addons. I can’t say how the Netflix addon is working in Leia but it is wonderful in Nexus and Omega (of course limited to 1080p or 720p depending on the soc used).

Ah, since the CastagnaIT netflix plugin doesn’t support kodi v18 I guess that settles it, unfortunately not in my favour… So it seems I’m out of luck with this route, even though I must admit that otherwise CE is really much smoother than kodi on Android…

Newer SoC mostly only mean support of new decoder like AV1, AVS3, Dolby Vision.

There is no “speed” difference between already existing hw decoder. Your platform is still usable until you decide to have “new” features. Kodi itself is no real big difference, mostly just updated and maintained to fulfill today’s requirements.

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