Correct settings for CEC Suspend on 9.2.2?

Hello all. First off, love the software, CoreElec + Odroid N2 = an amazing overall experience.

Desired behavior: Odroid N2 should suspend via HDMI CEC when TV/VR off, wake when TV/AVR is on. This worked on 9.2.1.

Issue: Since upgrading to 9.2.2, the Odroid N2 no longer suspends.

LG C9, with Simplilink (HDMI CEC) enabled, configured to fully power off and not go into standby mode when off.
Denon AVR-X3300W, with HDMI CEC enabled, connected to LG C9 via the HDMI ARC port.
Odroid N2, with BT module, connected to the AVR via HDMI.
Harmony Hub for automating power on/power off signals to each device individually.
Harmony Hub controls Odroid N2 via bluetooth dongle, setup in Harmony as a Microsoft/Kodi home entertainment device. Works great but can’t send wake commands via bluetooth, hence desire to suspend/wake via HDMI CEC.
All HDMI CEC options in the CoreElec menu are enabled.
CEC in System-Input-Peripherals is set to on, and the setting for when TV is off = suspend. All other settings are disabled.

Other observations
The new dedicated CEC menu in CoreElec settings looks great, but doesn’t seem to preserve settings. If I back out of the menu after changing a setting then return, the setting has reverting.
I can confirm that the Odroid stays awake while the system is off because the red power LED remains active, and the connect prohibits my Synology NAS from sleeping.
Suspend behavior is desirable for that reason - keeping the NAS awake 24/7 costs a lot of power.

Thoughts? What settings should I check? Is this something that isn’t configurable in the GUI? If so, what configuration files should be edited and how?

Update: I’m having a potentially related issue here: CEC with CoreELEC 9.2.2 breaks ARC?