Couple of questions for setting up the MINIX NEO A2 Lite

Hi guys,
as the title says I have a couple of questions/issues with the MINIX NEO A2 Lite used on a Odroid N2.

In the little manual that came with the remote it has for the power button a short and long press action, is this possible with coreelec?

I’ve got the power off working (using the echo “meson-ir * minix_neo” > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg command), but it seems like a hard shutdown. Is this an issue for coreelec/kodi, for example corrupted files?

I tried to set longpress actions via a keymap, but it doesn’t work. Is it straight up not possible or is there something to make it work?

Lastly, has someone recommendations for a keymap. How do you have your remote setup?