CPU is too high and temperature - Mecool K1

Hi there,
yesterday i got my Mecool K1 everything fine, but the temperature and the cpu is too high. If i in the normal menu of Kodi, the cpu goes from 1ghz to 1.5 ghz and temperatures is in idle mode 77 degrees celsius. Where and how do i coreelec say how much the min and max for the cpu is. I know this from the Pi there is a config file. But in Coreelec?! Must i create a autostart.sh?! And if so, how is the command to tell the cpus the min and max?! Thanks for helping in advance.


This is not that surprising. Drawing menu’s is the heaviest load boxes will be under and so when playing media the temp will actually drop. My S912 box sits at between 50-60C most of the time - but I added a heatsink and fan to achieve this. None of the boxes out there are adequately cooled and so will run very hot. They are designed to run at up to 100C so theoretically this is no problem - but to me this is just asking for unreliability.

If I was you I would open up the box, drill some holes in the case, add a new heatsink and consider running a 12VDC fan off the USB supply rails for some noiseless cooling.


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