Crashing, rebooting after video playback

Hi, using 9.2.8 stable on a amlogic s905x3 and have done for ages no problem when viewing movies 1080p & 4k. But now with some(random no pattern) it crashes when click to play with a blue or green screen pop up with distorted audio then reboots coreelec bk up. It’s so strange as it’s random, for example 4 out of 9 play fine, 5 don’t. At first I thought was a usb l hd drive problem but tried another and still same issues. Any ideas?

Can you try upgrading to 19.5-rc2? You device is supported by the newer releases and the older 9.2 images are not supported any more. The upgrade process is pretty straightforward

My guess though, about this problem itself

is that your power supply might slowly getting worn out during the long run, this is expected if you’re using the stock power supply bundled with these cheap boxes. You can try to get a new branded 5V DC5525 power supply to replace it

Hey, appreciate your reply. I did just do clean install of new version. But I think you’re right it’s possibly a power issue as its still doin it randomly espec with 4k film content. I will have to test more files out as it really doesn’t like 2 films but will sometimes play other ones. The android box only needs 5v dc, which one was plugged straight into a socket, so I’m trying a different one a usb slot 5v plug to dc.

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