Crashing to home during playback? Emby Server Content

I am on the most recent stable. When watching 4k material over gigabit, randomly my N2 will crash back to the home screen.

I am not super familiar with logging in Kodi can someone help me out on how to figure out what’s going on?

At one point saw the “storage too slow” pop up. But not sure why. Kind of stumped.

Anyone got any thoughts?

For amlogic-ng devices stable version 9.2.1 is not a good option, use nightlies

No logs, no problems
There is a a guide inside this forum how to post logs

When did that change? Things were good when I installed it, I wanted to avoid nightlies because I hate the pop up every time. But I could deal with it if it would fix the issue.

I just got to looking around, haven’t had a lot of time to research.

There is the log. Was able to reproduce the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Just verify where your content is being stored.
I see emby all over your logs.
Are you connecting to an Emby Server or whatever.
Maybe a crash log will help

Mar 31 02:13:29 CoreELEC[4195]: Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Mar 31 02:13:32 CoreELEC[4195]: Crash report available at /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crashlog_20200331021329.log

Yeah it’s an Emby server. The files play fine through everything else.

So I tried to do the crash logs three times. Just keeps failing.

Guess I’ll have to start over and reproduce?

SMB to your Box and there is a directory named Logs.
They are in there all zipped .

ok thanks I’ll do it in the morning when I’m at my desktop. It seems to happen at about the same time which is weird in the movie.

But I can watch the same file anywhere else without issue.

01_KODI_CRASH.log (7.5 MB)

Here you go.

Anything stand out in that log? I see the thread got moved.

I had a look and saw so many Emby notices i cannot identify the issue.
Need to wait for Devs to look at it and maybe others using Emby Client to help.
I moved the thread because it is an Addon (Emby) issue with Kodi’

Thanks. I posted on the Emby fun as well. I need to test with other media just haven’t had the time.