Create a coreelec sd card with uboot sd.bin for booting

hi and sry for my bad english first and foremost.
i have a tanix tx3 max with a s905w 2gbram and16 gbrom.
there is no working android on the device and usb burning tool and usb card maker cant seem to flash the varius images.
all i get is “u boot/get result/disk initial error” be it the original or 3thparty images.
the only boot method i have found that is working with no working android nand/emmc installation is booting from sd with from sdcard and coreelec from usb stick on the same time. but the method is no goob because i have only 2 usb ports.
do anyone know how i can boot and coreelec from sdcard on the same time?

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This might help:

Hi, I was in the same situation with no android on emmc.
I used an sd card reader on my PC to burn coreelec image to it using rufus. Then I used Amlogic BootCardMaker to burn to the same sd card. Now Coreelec boots and works fine from sd .
In your case you should first back up your coreelec installation on USB drive and after you create the new sd card with coreelec and you can restore. Hope this helps.

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thanks for this tip i will test this right this moment

its working first class :smiley: .
now i have not a dead box but a working one :smiley:

and this should be go to the FAQ.
i think this could rescue a lot of boxes from the thrash :slight_smile:

From where do you get “” file?

Hi! this is the one I use (784.5 KB)

there is an in every amlogic usb burning tool image.
i have taken the original firmware for my tanix tx3max burnend it with the “burn card maker”
after i format it with the coreelec image.
afterwards i delete the image and ini file generated from the tool and leave only the uboot file
now in easy steps.

  1. create a coreelec or other os sdcard
  2. remove and insert the sd card right back to mount and reread the os partition from the sdcard.
  3. start burn card maker, select the os partition and your android image that is normaly working on your box.
  4. make sure that there is no repartition and format selectet.
  5. burn the image on the card and ignore the error messages. the uboot file is only max 1mb and is the first file that is burned on the card.
  6. go in your explorer to the sd card and delete 2 of the 3 generatet files (aml_sdc_burn.ini and your android image). MAKE sure that you leave aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT undisturbet or renamed on the sdcard.
  7. now your sdcard is ready for the not working box to boot without working nand/emmc)
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