Create automation script in 2023

I haven’t used Kodi for a long time, I was waiting to have a DoVi support without using Android, it’s now almost the case.

I would like to do a small setup in bash to configure CoreELEC. Basically install addons and repos, edit XML files like sources.xml and the settings.xml files of some addons, configure kodi, … In the near future I would also like to install moonlight-embedded to be able to enjoy my big noisy game tower from my living room.

I had made a script that used curl, unzip and xmlstarlet for this, but is this still the way to go? Should I use Is it still supported ? Should I also use json-rpc? Is it still possible, I know there are protections to avoid backdoors from some addons.

There is my previous script:

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How should we know what best serve to you? Use what works.

I can’t find very good resources on kodi-send, and for me json-rpc seems redundant.

Can we do everything with kodi-send? I thought so, but it seems not.

I see in the wiki that you can add a favorite with json-rpc and Favourites.AddFavourite but nothing with kodi-send.

On the other hand, I see that you can install an add-on with kodi-send and InstallAddon(id) but nothing with json-rpc. Is it only the add-ons from the official repository or is it all addons, even from external repositories?

In other cases like to activate an addon, it is possible with the two methods, EnableAddon($addonid) for kodi-send and Addons.SetAddonEnabled for json-rpc.

In both cases, kodi will have to be running, so the use of curl, xmlstarlet and systemctl start/stop kodi will be necessary to persist settings.

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