Create on eMMC/mSD on Windows

I have some odd problems with CE not booting on N2.
Is there a way to add /storage/.config/ when eMMC is plugged to a Windows 10? Can I create and edit the file?

Yes you can, using Notepad++ program. After creating “” with all necessary commands, chose to save it as “Unix script file”.

Btw, why is your CE on N2 not booting, that’s a very odd problem…

You are missing a little thing - he want to plug the eMMc into a windows 10 PC.
/storage is ext4 filesystem, You need a tool to read/write ext4 running windows.

If there are problems to boot CE, I could not believe that any entry in will help.

The best way to edit is to use vi or nano.
But first the boot problems need to be fixed

Yes, I missed the eMMC part…, but it can be done with the help of an uSD card. Installing CE on uSD card and after booting it “” file can be then transferred from any local storage to the “STORAGE” partition on eMMC with Kodi File Manager. That’s what I use sometimes; last I remember was to transfer my “api_keys.json” (with keys needed for YouTube addon) from my uSD CE to my eMMC CE installation.
But I also doubt that any booting problem can be fixed via…

Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon.

There is a 10 day trial that still works after the trial expires, just at a reduced speed, which for basic purposes such as this would not be a problem.

Works rather well too from my experience with accessing sd card contents.

I always edit CoreELEC configurations with the memory device mounted and running. There is no problem with Linux, with Android I use X-plore and Termius, and in the case of Windows you can use FileZilla, PuTTY and Notepad ++. If you can’t start CoreELEC fix this first (dtb?). To restart CoreELEC with command line you can use PuTTY:

kodi-send --action=reboot

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