Creating a CoreElec image?

I’ve been posting about Kodi/CoreElec on a music forum and recommending the Odroid N2. There’s a couple users that have gone ahead and purchased. Great!

Since these users are new to CoreElec and Kodi, and have no Linux experience I’d like to create a CoreElec image from my N2 complete with all recommended settings, addons and skin. All pre configured. Ready to run (they just need to add and scan their media sources).

CoreElec usually includes firmware updates in new releases. Is the best way to get new users to install latest CoreElec (Official image) first to ensure they get the firmware updates, then install my image from SD (this would be latest CoreElec). Use Installtoemmc to move SD to eMMC.

Or would they get the firmware updates from my N2’s image? That is, no need to first install official CoreElec image.


Why don’t you just do a Backup of your build and give them the .tar.

They restore from your backup using your backup…tar

Don’t use fixed IP or anything related to network settings in your backup.

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How do I do a backup? I guess you mean a Kodi backup?

Then a Kodi restore? I’ve never used a Kodi backup but sounds like it it work. Smaller file too.

You need to read some more about the settings and functions of CoreELEC.

Backups of entire system is already built into CoreELEC OS


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Thank you!

HOW TO Backup the entire Kodi System to USB Flash Drive - CoreELEC.pdf (4.0 MB)


Here’s my How To Setup an Odroid N2 with a link to my How To configure an N2 via my Backup:

It looks nice.
I’d suggest creating a tutorial here:
Then we don’t have to rely on pdf’s.

It’s already there:

Maybe wrong section, not sure.

Ohh sorry you are right

If it’s in the wrong section feel free to move it.

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