Creating debug log

Need help on creating debug log on CE. How to do it in Android 11? Appreciate if someone can help me on this. I just got a Nokia 8010 and it has been a struggle. Thanks.

Why would you need Android logs for CE?

What I meant is I am using CE on Nokia 8010. How do I extract debug log? I have enabled it in CE but there’s no output.

Have tried these step few times before reaching out for help. Tried again and its still the same. Used two different USB flash drives, same result.

Use last nightly CE.

Got it. It works on nightlies.

Since on this I just need some confirmation on audio passthrough. I am seeing the passthrough as 8 bits. Is that normal. My soundbar is capable of decoding TrueHD. Actually seeing this 8-bits on different types of audio codecs/formats. My device is connected to soundbar input.

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