Creating remote KEY_1 not working

I have a Nexbox A95X B7N and I just installed the newest 19 version on it.
I’m trying to create a remote, and I just can’t get it to work.
I have always used remote.conf; I can’t get dmesg -c to return codes (it just eats them); depending upon what I’ve done, I do sometimes get a meson-ir message.

OK, the real problem.

I’ve set up a meson-ir set of codes. This seems to work correctly, except the number keys on the remote won’t return numbers (am I understanding this wrong)?

when I press the 1 on the remote, I get that the code is 0x14e. 2 is 0x10d, etc.
In my .toml config file I set
0x14e = “KEY_1”
0x10d = “KEY_1”

when I test these keys it inserts letters, and not numbers (I’m pretending to do a search).

What am I missing?

Additionally, this method seems slower than the remote.conf - any reason?


Thanks for the reply.

My Problems:

  1. The number keys on the remote. pressing 1 returns a “.” pressing 2 returns an “e”.
    Do KEY_1 and KEY_2, etc. NOT return numbers when set?
    I have tried setting the hard button 1 (which is code 0x14e) to “KEY_1” and “KEY_NUMERIC_1”.
    I just get letters or gibberish.
    0x14e = “WHAT” will get a 1 typed?

  2. The remote has a delete/backspace key which I want to set to delete a character made in error when I’m typing. The keycode for the button is 0x142.
    I have tried 0x142 = “KEY_BACKSPACE” and 0x142 = “KEY_DELETE”
    neither works. What should I set 0x142 = in order to remove the last character typed?

  3. 0x1f2 is the blue ‘screen-like’ button on my remote. Is there an assignment I can make which will display the bitrate, etc. of the video playing?

Thanks for all your help.


I’ve figured out one issue (but not the solution).

I have assigned KEY_1 to the “1” key on my remote. Instead of triggering a “1”, it triggers the old fashion “type letters on your phone”, so it cycles through the symbols associated with the “1” key on an old cell phone. 2 cycles through A,BC,a,b,c etc.

Can I assign the number 1 to the 1 button on the remote? How?

I have a backspace/Delete key on the remote; what assignment do I make so that pressing it will delete the last character I typed?

What assignment will show me the codec information?

In each case, assignment is the KODI/remote constant - eg I’ve assigned the Home Key on my remote to KEY_HOME.

Is there a definitive list of assignments which Coreelec supports?

Getting so close.


Try this.

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