Cron / script problem [Solved]

Hello all,

i am facing some issues trying to get cron to run a .sh file (i am running 19.5-Matrix_rc1 on a s905x box, and also tried on an N2+. same results on both boxes)

I use m2strm.exe to convert m3u to strm files with mono addon. i have created two .sh files i want to run in cron

the first grabs the m3u file, and the second converts the m3u to strm files.
i can run each of the .sh files from putty and both of them work fine. but when i try to schedule in cron, only the first file works, and grabs the m3u. the second file to launch m2strm.exe ( does not work.

in the file i have the below content

mono /storage/VOD/m2strm.exe

if i look in ‘09_Journal-cur.log’ i can see cron ran the file, but returned the below error

Jun 25 09:13:00 CoreELECCarla crond[3219]: USER root pid 5489 cmd /storage/VOD/
Jun 25 09:13:00 CoreELECCarla crond[5490]: /storage/VOD/ line 1: mono: command not found

baffled as to what the problem is, as if i run /storage/VOD/ from putty, it works just fine.

anyone have any idea as to what i am doing wrong?


fixed it! i needed to use the absolute path for mono in the script when running in cron. i ran ‘which mono’ in putty to get the path and updated my .sh file accordingly, so the content of my file is now as below and working good in cron!

/storage/.kodi/addons/tools.mono/bin/mono /storage/VOD/m2strm.exe


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