Currupted Images / Covers TMDB on N2


I have a phenomenon where some scraped Covers from tmdb for movies and series are currupted.

For ex. the first third of a covers is normal and the Rest is green.

First I thought its an SD Card problem, then mounted Database Folder to NFS Share on NAS, deleted all db’s and built a new lib. Same behaviour so it is not a faulty SD card as the NAS has BTRFS with RAID5, cannot be corrupt…

Sometimes rescraping single Movies/series helps, but sometimes not.

All Files are on a NAS NFS share. If I scrape the same content with libreelec on raspberry pi (same SD card) the images are OK, so for me I think TMBD delivers appropriate content.

Any Ideas how to start debugging and where?

Odroid N2 4GB
CE 19.2-Matrix
OS on SD Card Class 10 (marketing sais up to 80MB/s read)
Gigabit connected LAN


Ok did some further work and it seems that the write speed of SD Card is so bad that it causes corruptions.

Now I also mounted the Thumbnails Folder to NAS and rebuilding the Thumbnails now. Seems to work now.

Will change SD card.

Can you recommend SanDisk Extreme U3 V30 ?

I used a variety of uSD cards for a while and decided that the Sandisk U3 V30 was the best and fastest working card. I think it’s the perfect choice.
Now all the OSes I use are on SSD, SSD is faster and smoother than compare to uSD.

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