Custom Mediaimport test build for CE

I’m interested in creating custom Mediaimport test builds for CE from the following branch:

Just for reference (and if you are not aware): Here background info on Montellese’s work:

Montellese forked his repo from upstream Kodi. Based on similar conversations in the LE forum, I looked into replacing the PKG_URL links in CoreELEC/packages/mediacenter/kodi/
by Montellese’s branch above. However, it seems that you are not sourcing vanilla Kodi there, but platform-specific versions that you forked and patched yourself.

Is there another way I could at least try to patch/merge Montellese’s work into CE and to test it without having to go commit by commit? Any guidance appreciated…

I gave it another try this weekend, but still haven’t managed to integrate the Mediaimport changes into CE.

Here what I tried:

  • Firstly, I’ve cloned Montellese’s xbmc repo containing the Mediaimport branches and checked out his “Mediaimport performance async” branch, which was rebased on vanilla Kodi Matrix 19.0.
  • Secondly, I’ve added xbmc/xbmc as upstream remote and created a Matrix-19.0 branch from the release tag
  • I then created a patchfile using git diff 19.0-Matrix media_import_19.0-Matrix_performance_async > ../patchfile. For reference (in case of structural mistakes), it’s here: Ubuntu Pastebin
  • I then cloned the CE repo, checked out the RC1 branch and added the above patch file to src/CoreELEC/projects/Amlogic-ng/patches/kodi

The CE compilation using make succeeded, but the version does not contain the Media import changes. Apparently the patch failed.

Any advice / guidance appreciated! @vpeter, maybe? I know you know these things… :slight_smile:

You need to put patch to folder projects/Amlogic-ce/devices/Amlogic-ng/patches/kodi.
And your patch doesn’t apply.

And yes, CE is using own Kodi fork: GitHub - CoreELEC/xbmc.

Thanks a lot for your response, @vpeter . So in your opinion, is there any “easier” way than to rebase the Media Import branch onto the CE Kodi fork commit by commit? :worried:

Try to cherry pick all the top commits from Montellese repo. Maybe they will apply cleanly.

Sorry for all my questions, but I’m struggling to find my way in CE development. More specifically, I’d like to ensure that I’ll cherry-pick onto a stable CE release, preferably RC2, as that is the most recent stable. From the CE/xbmc branches aml-4.9-19.1 seems to be the right one, but it seems to be under active development and I cannot find a tag or release indicating RC2. Therefore my question: Could you advise which branch/commit I should cherry-pick on, please?

Also, could you please let me know how I can point the CE build at my modified CE/xbmc version?

Many thanks for your continued support!

You can see the xbmc version from the sha: CoreELEC/ at coreelec-19 · CoreELEC/CoreELEC · GitHub

You cn use your own version of xbmc by setting correct PKG_VERSION and PKG_URL which points to your repo.

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