DAMN this Box is Hot! Nokia

Nokia just announced their new streaming Box.

Hope this one comes with one chip that can handle Coreelec! Just awesome remote !

Nokia Streaming Box 8000 – Technische Daten

Maximale Auflösung: 4K (3.840 x 2.160

Pixel)Decoding: VP9 Profile 2, H.264, H.265

(HEVC) mit 10 -bitSchnittstellen: Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI, Ethernet, USB Typ-A (3.0), 3,5-mm-AV, Optical, USB Typ-CLieferumfang:

Streaming-Box, Sprachfernbedienung, Netzteil und Netzkabel, HDMI-Kabel, Batterien

There is precious little information about the whole specs, so I would not describe it as hot right now.

Interesting yes and Nokia does need a new market right now.

It is likely that being a major brand name that it will be locked down to preserve the widevine required to run the likes of Prime, Netflix etc, so I would not get my hopes up too much yet.

And there is no mention of the SOC at all from what I can see, so no AMLogic will mean no CE.

Hope it will be an s905x3 or s922x. This message arrived today.

Looks as fraud, since all info has been removed from site that first published this “news”, as one would say - Fake News :slight_smile:
“Für den Suchbegriff “Nokia Streaming Box 8000” gibt es auf diesem Blog leider keine Ergebnisse.”

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let see what will happen. If it come true i will buy one…

Don’t hold your breath. There’s no information about this device on Nokia Website.

Seems to be legit, this generally well informed Twitter account says it comes with an S905X3.

That’s not Nokia’s official twitter account and the source tweet has been deleted.

Hope this will be released with an Amlogic chipset… This would be an killer machine

It would be a nice AndroidTV box, it’ll likely be useless for CE.

Not at all. Any Netflix/PrimeVideo certified box is useless for CE, since CE cannot be installed on any of them.

Because as a requirement to get certification, the bootloader has to be locked.

Guys, It is official . It will be released with an S905X3 chipset. At the endof the Year it will be aviable to order.


Just read !` Hope it comes with an usb3 port too!

As i said the remote is awesome. This will be my next Box

Judging from that announcement, you’ll have to say goodby to CoreElec, as it will not be possible to install it on this box!

why is it not possible?

Bootloader is locked and encrypted - goodbye CoreELEC

Email from the manufacturer…
Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately I have to inform you that the current Nokia Streaming Box 8000 does not support Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision. However, the current product supports HDR 10 and Dolby Digital +

…shit for this price :smiley:
Closed bootloader, I think this topik can close.

Some Austrian Manufacturer paying Nokia licensing fee.

It has nothing to do with Nokia.

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