Hi, I installed the latest CoreELEC version on my Odroid C2, having installed the DAZN addon, before I was able to play the various sports shows without problems, but for a couple of days it has been unable to reproduce anything, nothing starts and if I insist says multiple video playback failed. Do you know if any of you have the same problem thank you.

I know that Dazn addon is maintained and developed at Kodinerds. Have you looked there? I cancled my Dazn membership last year. I just remember there were some issues with negative PTS but streams would start and stop after 15-30s. But that was fixed.

Thank you very much, I have eliminated the dazn addon that I had and I installed the version from kodinerds as described by you which is a different version and works perfectly.

I suggest you install the kodinerds repo which is available to install through our CoreELEC repository. That way you will always get updates

I followed your suggestion and solved the problem, thank you very much very kind and helpful. :+1: