Debug logs eating space?

Hi all, i have noticed my backups growing in size of late, but i have not really added much.

During a backup i see lots of debug logs that seem to take forever, is there a way to delete these?

I seem to have 12gb of my 16gb mmc lef?

You could do what I did, and write your own backup script that excludes the log files and then add it to cron.

I think these should be excluded from the backup, who wants that eating their space, if i had a problem with the app, then i certainly would not do a backup lol.

How do you delete them?

As I said, write your own script so they are not backed up, as there is no way to exclude them from the CE backup.

The logs are located in /storage/.kodi/temp and only the most recent 10 files are kept.

One option is to delete old (or all files) from that folder with using script which is called before kodi is started.