Delete addons with putty

Hi there. Just a simple question. How can I delete a couple of addons from putty? I mean what commands should I use? The system does not allow to do it in CE.

First off which addons ? If the system wont let you remove them they are either dodgy addons or essential addons which will break your system if removed (this covers just about all the python addons related to system functions).
If its neither of these things then its relatively straighforward to remove an addon.
Go into STORAGE>.kodi>addons (note the dot before kodi its important) and search for the addon there, delete the file related to your addon. You then need to go into the STORAGE>.kodi>userdata>addons addonsdata folder and do the same. The addon should be gone.


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Why not use the Kodi file manager?

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Ok thx. Done more simple than expected.thx

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