Delete/ Transfer Files from SD

Hey! I’ve been using Coreelec or awhile and love it. Recently I’ve been using new builds on my computer and hoping to transfer to SD to play on my N2. My problem is when I pop my SD in my computer I cannot delete or alter any files… my plan was to delete the current .kodi file then transfer my new .kodi file for a flawless build switch … I do this with my shield no problem but for some reason I have no access to alter any files?? Any suggestions.

Use filezilla or similar from pc to sftp into your CE to grab the .kodi files you need. Keep your sd card inserted into your device to do this.

Hey! Thanks Sean I’m gonna check out FileZilla :slight_smile:

I tried from SSH but kept disconnecting from server before it could completely transfer of files

Should be good to go if you have ssh enabled in CEs setting, In filezilla user is root and password is coreelec.

I find WinSCP much easier to work with than Filezilla, but they both do the task needed…