Destroying bootloader


Hello, i have a small question. i think, i have destroy my bootloader of Beelink w95 box (s90w). I can’t install coreelec to my nand because, i have destroy with parted my partition. I can start coreelec with sd card, but the start takes about 15-20 minutes. After that, i have a picture and all works very fine.
If i want installtoninternal, i get the error, thats my partition are note correct (boot,system data). With a nand dtb (gxl212_2g_nand), the box wont start. It’s start with gxl212_2g_slowmmc or gxl_p281_2g. I think i must build a new uboot.bin. and have found this site.

but how can i build a new u-boot.bin for a S905w box with 2 gb ram and 16 GB flash?
Or is the problem easier to solve?


Does your device still boot up with no sdcard?


No, there is an kernel error and the boot stops.


Ok then you have not destroyed your u-boot, you would not see any kernel error if this was the case.


ok, thats fine. And now?


You will have to use Amlogic usb burning tool and the original ROM to repair your internal partitions.


Thats the problem, my windows don’t find the box. Run the driver only in windows 7/8.1? I have windpows 10. I can install the driver . But if i use the usb burning tool, nothing happen. The same with usb card maker. There are only errors with store.


Just use the Burn Card Maker. Important - make sure that the original Android Image contains the meson1.dtb file, which is required by the u-boot to initialize the internal flash memory, otherwise the burning process will fail at approx. 7%.


i don’t know why, but with a other usb port (from Mainboard) i have connection to the box and can flash via usb burning tool. Now i have reburn the original firmware and can install coreelec. I’m happy because i have a running box.


Hi everyone and sorry for my english! Need some help here! I own a mecool m8s pro+, no reset button on board. Have installed Coreelec on internal, working fine. However, i decided to reinstall stock android but no succes. Windows not recognizing the box, tried different burning tool versions. No matter which usb port i use on both sides. Any ideas or experience? Thanks in advance!


I have m8s pro and the reset button was only accessible by removing the casing, I’m not sure if it’s the same on the m8s pro+? May be worth having a look, it’s only 4 small Philips screws holding it together


Thanks Wizzi, already opened the box, no reset button. Unfortunately not that type.


If there’s not a reset button, sometimes they have the pins labled for it and just did not include the button. If not that, then you will need to short the nand before applying power and you will more than likely need a usb cable to restore with amlogic tool.


Maybe yours has the reset button
hidden inside the AV port
See the video.


@kemuri78, i have run into this several times in the past with other amlogic devices.

You have several options:

  • If it is booting, then you can grab the TWRP recovery appropriate for the box and write it back using terminal. This is probably going to be your best option without having Amlogic USB burning tool and USB cable.
    dd if="/pathto/recovery.img" of="/dev/recovery" bs=64K status=none && sync
    Afterwards, issue reboot recovery
    If that is not working, there is a chance that your bootloader got locked or modified.

  • You can use Amlogic SD burning tool to prep a restore SD card. You will need the original firmware or one known to be compatible for this to work. The other stipulation I have come across with this is that the device would have to still be able to boot from SD. Depending on the state of the bootloader, you may or may not be able to.

  • If all else fails, you can open it again and connect via UART. Without pictures, I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything more than this. By doing so, you have hardware level root access. You can interrupt UBOOT and issue the commands necessary to repair it. (refer to Amlogic uBoot documentation)

Keep in mind that I am only a member here, but I have had my share of experiences with Amlogic devices and flashing. Maybe sometime I will write an in depth posting on all of this. If someone else wants to start it, be kind and give credit where it’s due.