Device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit failure on Leia Final

dtb.img gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb works fine in the CoreELEC 8.95.7 release.
The same dtb.img failed in the CoreELEC 8.99.1 release. (remote controller do not work)
This new version looks have some instability in Builds.
Because of this, I will keep the previous version until I find a stable version.
Thank you.

There’s no problem with the DTB, it’s much more likely that you have a configuration problem, now that CE supports remote.conf again.

I do not make any changes or settings. I only check this failure immediately at the end of the installation of version 18 Final. While at the end of the installation of version 18 RC4 everything works fine.
Therefore, the DTB may be fine, but the new version 18 Final prevents its malfunction.

It’s not, it’s a configuration issue. In a previous release we had to remove some of the built-in remote configurations, and now you have to re-add the config you need manually.

There is no problem, as @TheCoolest says you have configured your device incorrectly and there is now a conflict,

Delete remote.conf from /flash and /storage/.config and reboot and everything will be fine.

Thanks for your extraordinary help. I had good results in this link: How to Remote Control Configuration for Dummies Using Windows and SSH
Thanks again.

BTW: I can not see any of that directories. My coreelec is instaled on microsd and by \192.168.1.x i do not see none of this./flash ou /storage/.config

/storage/.config = \192.168.1.x\Configfiles
But for /flash, you need to SSH into the box, or use something like WinSCP.

. . . or place the SD /USB into a PC and examine / change the files in the root directory

Try redownloading the update and reapplying it, nothing has changed with this device-tree between the versions, the update could have been bad.