Did You Ever Play UHD Friendly Drive?

Hello all ,

Here my question :

I am using an external Bluray Drive, connected to my Odroid N2+
Using KeyDB.cfg to read some movie from Bluray Discs.

Everything work well, but…some other don’t

I am wondering if we could have more chance to buy a Friendly UHD Drive (Libredrive) and be sure that every discs will work without any issue.

If someone has already experienced this ?

Many thanks in advace


I really doubt that drive would do any difference.

Buy any Blyrayplayer like Sony UBPX700 UBP-X700 or Panasonic DP-UB424EGS or any other Device

There is no way to play every Blyray Disc without any issue

From what they say

You can avoid AACS 2.0 by using a UHD-friendly drive or LibreDrive,

That’s why I would really love to know if it worths

Of course, I could buy a new one 4k uhd bluray player… But god, it’s expensive èèè

You want to drive Porsche, but want only to pay Dacia :upside_down_face:


I already have many Kodi, Libreelec, Coreelec or whatever…
Trying to avoid paying too much for the brand … or I don’t know.

So I have Mustang - muscle Car - speedest cars - trustly Car with these Single Board Computer.

I just want to add something to make them a little better

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