Disable backup

I would like you to help me know how I can disable the backup of the coreelec configuration.

Have you actually looked at the configuration backup?

Unless you have set it to do regular backups, it has to be done manually.

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There is no automated backup within CE. That’s a cron job to be scheduled by the end user (you)., and if you know how to do that, you also know how to disable it.

Excuse me, I did not explain well, the system will leave it locked but the coreelec settings have their own password, I want to leave that part without a password for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options, nor do I want them to have access to the backups since it I’ll use it for some work and you can export the backups to usb.

What I really need is that when entering the coreelec settings, the manual backup cannot be performed, which I want to have disabled.