Disable Onboard WiFi

Hello CE community! I’m thrilled this project exists to breathe new life into devices I was sure would be destined for a drawer somewhere. Anyway, onto my topic…

The WiFi in my TX3mini is too subpar in a certain area of my house, so I’d like to use an adapter with an external antenna. I have another device with CE whose onboard WiFi wasn’t recognized, so I had to buy a USB adapter to get that one connected. I pulled that USB adapter out to test with the device I’m working on now. The reception seems to be no better, so I suspect the default/onboard WiFi adapter is overriding it.

The TV in this room is a recent purchase, and comes with “Smart” features. I was able to successfully stream UHD content from Netflix in this room, so while the reception is admittedly weakest in the room where the TX3mini is, it should be good enough if a decent adapter is attached.

I’ve found other topics on this subject, but most deal with RPi devices with what appear to be device-specific instructions. I thought I might swap a different dtb.img to see if I could break the onboard WiFi, but I’d like to see if there’s a more direct approach. I may also consider running an ethernet line into that room, but I would probably have to wait until summer is over to crawl around in the attic.

For reference, the USB adapter I am using is this one: WISE TIGER Wifi Adapter Ac 600Mbps Dual Band 5ghz/2.4ghz Long Range Wireless Adapter

Normally the onboard WLAN device will show up as wlan0 and the USB WiFi device wlan1
In this case choose forget wlan0 this connection or delete in connections.

Well, I feel foolish. I didn’t even notice that. Thank you!

Would the system conserve memory if the internal WiFi were to be disabled? The other research I did involved “blacklisting” the interface or driver…

Negligible. Not worth the effort.

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