Disable USB power in sleep mode

Hello all !

I’m looking to disable USB power when CoreELEC 9.2 nightly is in sleep mode

I saw that I have to edit config.ini in /flash repertory but I want to be sure there is no other way to do it

I use 9.2 ng nightly with T95 Max Plus 4/32 I want to shut down an external USB fan cooler when CE is in sleep mode

Thanks !

Thanks ! … too risky even if the tool save the boot loader …

Did anyone successfully do it with anT95 Max plus Box ?

Legends are saying they aren’t two T95 Max Plus 4/32 identical so its hard to compare. Go ahead and byte the bulet, if something goes wrong you will learn how to unbrick a box in mask mode. Plenty tutorials on freaktab and youtube.
But if you don’t feel brave enough, don’t do it!

From where did you found this tech info affirmation ? If you read the post Portisch speak about a tool which do a boot loader backup itself so no need to unbrick a box in mask mode … but may be you mean covid mask ? lol (joke)

:rofl: No, shorting the pins to reset and revive a bricked android box. Yeah, no joking, with the Chinese android boxes you will have surprises: only 2GB RAM in Linux, but 4GB in Android, different wifi, BT chips, emmc from many manufacturers. The name and brand is a lottery, could get a good hw could byte the bullet. Also, some boxes come with encrypted bootloader so bye bye CE or other sideloaded OS.

I know all that… thank you…and its not about “feeling brave enough” (??) or not but to evaluate my chances of success but you talk to me as my old uncle it does not help me I appreciate and thank you but it does not help me at all. In other hand I think seriously all T95 Max Plus are exactly the same actually… this is why I ask if someone did the trick

Nothing patronizing intended from me, your interpretation only, sorry if I wanted to help / guide you somehow and I haven’t been successful. I am out of conversation, lets hope somebody will have an answer to you issue. Good luck!

Garces unfortunately I think that you did not help / guide anyone here by saying “if you don’t have guts enough…” and “Google mask unbrick…”
If you think seriously that you did well you are not in the right thread.
I think Portish answered perfectly to him now the guy look just to know if this was already tested with this box it’s respectfully but yes your words are little off topics in my opinion
No offense

Thank you Portisch for your answer and the link.

Its very well explained and the proposed tool make an boot loader original backup before to change anything so its very clear… there is no need to google anything, just read the steps.

For me this thread is closed I will open another to ask people if some had already tried this with my Box model/brand later

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