Disabled power CEC


I would like know how disabled the power function CEC, only ? Because I would like access coreElec if the tv is down.

Kinds regard

You can go to settings -> system -> input -> peripherals -> CEC adapter and change what you need there

How do you think that could work?
CEC works like this: signal from TV remote -> TV -> HDMI cable -> TV Box. If any part of the chain is down, signal from your remote cannot get to your box…

It’s great to have such granularity.
I was surprised :slight_smile:

@ Vascobraga, thanks you

I speak too fast.
I had 2 small problem:

  • When I turn on the TV, the “remote control TV” works well. I do well on hdmi4. 10 seconds later, the television detects coreelec via the CEC and I lose the “remote control TV”. I have to change the source for “CoreElec CEC” to get the remote control. Can you force select source “CoreElec CEC” ? I had select “select this source when power on” :wink: Becarfull, I don’t power off “Coreelect” when I power off “TV”.
  • Second problem, I don’t access menu “CoreElec” from “remote control TV” directly. I pass by “guide” from “remote control TV”.

His 2 problems do not block me because I use bypass. But it would be nice to perferct :slight_smile: