Discussion: what's all the fuss about auto framerate switching

Just from the title, I’m obviously a newbie compared to most people in this forum.

But the truth is that I spend a LOT of my time watching movies and series on CoreElec.

I have a Full HD TV, and an S912 with CE, have been using it daily for almost a year now.

In my display settings, I have auto framerate switching (“AFS”) DISABLED, and GUI res. at 1080p 60Hz. All day I watch American movies and TV series, in Mkv x264 format.

Every now and then, I go and enable AFS, but I don’t see what’s the point. Is there something wrong with my eyes, I don’t see anything wrong when AFS is disabled. Picture looks just fine.

Maybe someone can point out some sample clip that really emphasises the problem of missing AFS that everyone says is so important?

Instead I always disable AFS because I can’t notice any advantage, but instead my TV has a 0.5 second lag when switching framerates, and I don’t have time for that s$it :slight_smile:

Someone please educate the newbie :slight_smile:

It’s really display and content dependent.
AFS is important when you watch content with FPS that 60Hz can’t be evenly divided by.
Like 24FPS, 25FPS or 50FPS content. This will usually result in judder, with 25\50FPS content it will be more visible than 24FPS - at least it is to me.
24FPS is a special case, because some TVs have automatic 3:2 pulldown detection. Where they will internally switch into 24Hz mode when they detect 24FPS content, even if the signal is 60Hz. In such a case you will not notice any difference between AFS on or off.

If you cannot see any difference then keep it off and be happy.
The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it anymore. :slight_smile:

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The easiest way to see the difference is watching scenes that pan horizontally. Without frame rate switching, these panning movements can look very jerky and stuttery.

If you don’t see it during these scenes, then either your TV has very good built-in motion smoothing or your eyesight is different to mine :slightly_smiling_face:

A film like the “Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey” has some fantastic wide angle panning shots and if I leave the TV frame rate at 60hz (film is 23.976fps), these scenes are absolutely horrible. With frame rate adjustment of the TV, the picture is smooth as silk.

If your tv is native 120hz with MEMC, the AFS is a must done SET.
If your tv is native 60hz without MEMC function, better to leave it OFF.
To make it clear, 3:2 pulldown for 60hz TV, AFS ON for 120hz MEMC TV.

when you have TrueMotion ON you will not live without this feature :slight_smile:

‘TruMotion’ is like Marmite you either love it or hate it! I return to it occasionally but I can’t get on with it as it’s just weird and what it does to the flow of the image is unnatural.