Display reseting on seek

Anyone else seeing hard display resets on this when seeking? 4k content seems to be particularly sensitive.

This is normal behaviour due to a patch we added as prior to this there was issues with seeking if memory serves me correctly.

Yes, i certainly noticed the screen resets when seeking. Dont know the details of the seeking issues before as i never experienced these, but tbh i am wondering if in this caee the ‘cure’ isn’t worse then the initial issue.

With newer builds only 1080P and lower HEVC content is affected.
See here: HEVC resync issue after skip (non 4K)

Thanks for the link.
So this is a compromise situation that degrades things for my use-case.

Too bad, thats how things go sometimes.
I sure hope this gets worked out for all types of content. I am noticing focus is on 4K / HDR anyway as lower quality content has suffered for some time now. I could stay on earlier versions (as i am sure some would recommend) but that’s not really a solution.

Great work anyways and keep it up!

Personally I think flash black on split second is far better than have AV outsynced after seek…

I’d agree in cases where a/v was out of sync in a situation before. This was not the case, but the remedy sure is noticable now.

Previous versions will be deleted as these releases where alpha and beta releases, staying on older versions is strongly discouraged, the addons repository is already incompatible with older versions.

That’s exactly why i said it wouldnt be a solution and i hope the 1080p and lower resolutions will be receiving some love still as they are not absolete from a users perspective.

I think the best we could offer at this point is a toggle switch to turn the patch we made on/off.

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That would actually be very much appreciated. Users could adjust according to use-case.

Either way i am very thankful for this project!

Yeah; this hits with everything it feels like including 4k… Still waiting for the X96 box to arrive to start hacking

Sorry; even seeing double resets on variable fps content… Whatever this new stuff is definitely has to be batched otherwise it’s nearly completely ridiculous as the single reset with vfr content… Regardless the current implementation appears to be completely broken :frowning:

EDIT: wow pass-through doesn’t kick in half the time with that patch. r—…

EDIT2: actually no… AAC is broken too. This entire release is nearly completely broken :confused:

@KyleS stop trolling, you always seem to complain something doesn’t work and yet fail to offer up any logs or a sample of your content.

These “double resets” are only happening, when you activated 25Hz and 30Hz refresh rates in your whitelist. Just disable the whole whitelist, and these problems are gone. Btw, this is a Kodi thing and has nothing to do with CE.
Pass-through is working perfectly fine on all devices I’ve tested this release on.
AAC isn’t broken, but pass-through is not supported by Kodi (again…not a CE problem at all).

Please stop complaining about a “completely broken” release, when you don’t understand the basics, or not willing to attach any logs.


Yes sorry, these incredibly brutal resets are triggering bugs on my Bravia panel (and thus the perpetual audio issues). I’ll “understand the basics” soon hopefully… Hopefully the revert @anon88919003 mentioned lands where we can toggle off this “feature” (and to me, beyond massive regression).

@KyleS as @JimmyS has said the decoder being reset for a split second is far better than having audio out of sync after seeking.

If you can’t follow the simple instructions given to you then I suggest trying LE as it is brutal pop free but even more of a massive regression.

Don’t be rude man… The whitelist is a great feature and none of these sync issues prior had been witnessed… No idea who had that bug but it wasn’t ecosystem wide :confused: the last thing I want to do is fork the project when it’s as simple as removing that bad patch to force these resets.

I’m sorry but what is rude is your posts and I have refrained from commenting until now, looking back at them… almost all have been complaining about some issue or another, you have been given some sound advice to resolve your issue and yet you completely ignore it and continue to persist that our builds are the source of your problems.

A list of some of your comments…

massive regression
brutal popping
super jumpy and seemingly broke
complete mess
a pile of crap
interim solution until CoreELEC figures their stuff out
completely ridicelous

This does not even touch on the condescending tone and nature of some of your previous messages.

Not a single one of your posts on these forums have been positive.

Go and fork CoreELEC, remove the bad patch and enjoy because none of us here will help you any further.

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