Distorted image when playing media

Since updating to CoreELEC 21 on my Odroid N2+, often when I stream a 4k movie for the first time the image is messed up. Colours are weird - similar to if I were trying to play a Dolby Vision file - but this isn’t a Dolby Vision file. Sometimes, in addition to the strange colours, the video doesn’t play in full screen - using the osd to stop video is difficult as it’s hidden behind this windowed, distorted video.

When I stop the video and play the same file again, it plays perfectly.

First log is an hdr10+ stream, which I would expect to play fine on my hdr10 tv. But just to be sure, I selected a different movie that is hdr10 encoded (2nd log) and same exact behaviour.

I’ve also tested with a different, high quality HDMI cable with same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all you do Team CoreELEC, you’re awesome.