DIY upward firing Atmos speakers

Currently I’m using Hivi Swans speakers from China. They are awesome speakers . I diy the center speakers with Hivi Swans drivers

I am running two subs, one is a SVS PC12 Plus and another is a diy Dayton Audio UM15-22 15" seal sub with

On top of the main speakers is the Upward firing Atmos speaker which I diy myself.

And most important of all, CE is my main media player powering the 85" TCL 4k 144hz gaming tv.


GREAT setup, but for my liking I’d put main speakers on solid flor, preferably on spikes, not on a “platform” as you did…, but that’s just me :wink:

Yes indeed I agree that floor standing speakers are best standing on the floor on spikes as is much preferable.

Also I must add that when I changed from Atmos upward firing ceiling refection speakers to a properly installed pair of Monitor Audio ceiling mounted speakers the sound improvement for ATMOS was fantastic so if you can get ceiling mounted height speakers installed then go for it. They mount flush with the ceiling and with the white round magnetic grill they look like air con vents in the ceiling and all very neat.

There are advantages & disadvantage for both ceiling mount and those reflect type. If you have low ceiling, then ceiling mount could be too close to your ear resulting in very localized sound or narrow stage. Those ceiling reflection type if properly implemented can result in very wide and spacious Atmos sound which give the impression that the whole ceiling is a huge speaker. Buying a upward firing ceiling reflection type speakers is a hit and miss things because of the different ceiling height, speaker height, listening distance and the ear level. Those commercial speakers have fixed angle and you might have the sound reflected and end up way off the listening position. That’s why diy is better option. Below is how I design my Atmos speaker with the correct angle taking into account the speaker height, ceiling height, distance and height of the ear.

When I first started building the Atmos speaker, I follow the Dolby recommendation of 30deg, and it end up bad. I thought the upward firing design was a bad choice. Then I realized that the sound actually a few feet in front my couch. That’s when I redesign the box with the proper angle to direct the sound correctly to my listening position and the results is amazing. I get very wide & spacious sound from the ceiling like the whole ceiling is a speaker.

Good stuff but sonos does it all for you using phone mic, I guess this will become more common in the future

I don’t think you can correct it with software. If the driver angle is wrong you either get the optimum sound reflected too far back or too far in front of the listening position. My first Atmos speaker at 30deg is just not giving me the effect and when I recalculate the correct angle for my speakers is about 45deg and making the adjustment make a huge difference. I then built another box with 45deg. Btw my Denon have Audessey room correction software too

Most Atmos speaker have angle less than 30deg and do not have a front panel to block the sound coming directly to the you. If you look at my design, I have a front panel with sound absorbing material to block the sound from the Atmos speaker going directly to viewer.

I’m talking about having satellite speakers around the room then the sound output is tuned for where you’re optimal sitting position is. No doubt up firing soundbars are very good these days but sound coming from exactly where you want is a better option surely. Anyway we’ve maybe strayed off topic here but it is great to see people’s setups. After all it’s what the great team here are trying to provide us with, working top picture and audio quality.

Agree. We are straying off topic here. L😁L. But no worries bro. No offense taken. I just thought I provide more details explanation.

Yes and a valid point as I do know upward firing ceiling reflection speakers can give amazing results as my friend has such a set up. But the ceiling speakers I changed to made a huge difference for me and created a far more pronounced and lifelike 3D audio.

My ceiling is quite high here, but anyway when setting up ATMOS in ceiling speakers a lower ceiling is adjusted for in the auto sensing levels procedure. Auto sensing is pretty good these days and a recommended starting point, but they usually do need a little fine manual massaging to get it even better balanced.

Either way we both enjoy the wonders of ATMOS and can recommend it to everyone who enjoys good audio.

Mark22 thanks for your input and indeed as you said “Now if I could hear a fighter jet slowly coming in from behind and above me on one side, well that’s what I want when I can afford it and do some renovations.” Yes and that is pretty much exactly what I get here even before I update my rear speakers and sub woofer to feed my expensive perfectionist addiction, lol.

Anyway to bring it back onto topic, yes my Nexus ultrafast SD card install on my Ugoos X4 Pro works brilliantly and with pass through ATMOS, HDR and 4K streaming.

Just one last thought, I have my play 1s as rear surrounds behind either side of the sofa, if they had up firing speakers that would be better than from the soundbar etc. It wouldn’t surely be a major problem for them to add that or just allow play1 be ceiling mounted for atmos. Some companies must do this already, it’s been a while since I really looked into it as sound on standard sonos is pretty amazing but I really want atmos now.

Awesome setup!!

Oh and I mean no offence, you clearly know your stuff and are ahead of the manufacturers, they couldn’t expect an average user to much any of this. I have a physics degree so understanding what your saying is no problem. I just think ceiling speakers are going to be better, I assume you have rear surrounds, the amount of times I’ve gone to answer the door tells you how good that is. Now if I could hear a fighter jet slowly coming in from behind and above me on one side, well that’s what I want when I can afford it and do some renovations.

Cool setup. Love that you use CoreELEC. Keep up the good work and enjoy.

I also love this picture. I may be allowed to ask if we can use this for our homepage?
It’s the best CE setup I have seen so far.

which picture?

This one with Logo:

Or you can make one again without text in screen?

sure can. Will take a better one without the text and tidy up the rest of the mess.

Would be cool if we get some picture! Main part will be the CE boot logo on screen.
For the photo you can disable the boot animation and show splash screen to make it easier for you.


touch /storage/.config/animation.disable

To enable animation again:

rm /storage/.config/animation.disable

sure can will try.

Here is the photo. Feel feel to use it and edit if needed.
Original filesize can be download here Original filesize