Docker arm64 and arm/v8

Hi I learned that while CoreELEC NG builds come with aarch64 kernel, the docker add-on itself is 32bit as shown in “docker version.” Is there a way to upgrade to docker to arm64 instead?

I do not understand your question. As far as I know docker for CoreELEC supports both linux arm and linux arm64 architectures as named at Docker Hub

In CoreELEC kernel is 64 bit but userspace is only 32 bit. Nothing is to upgrade.

not everything works. try running sftpgo for example. there is arm64 but when you try to run it, it will fail.

i see, thanks.

You’re right, I’ve checked it, the docker linux arm64 images can not be installed in CoreELEC. This limits a lot of use of Docker in CoreELEC :sleepy:

There is something I don’t understand, CoreELEC can install aarch64 entware services but not docker services.

Why userpace is 32-bit? Btw, on Linux you still can run 64-bit app as long as kernel is 64-bit, you only need to provide required 64-bit libraries

Why earth is round and not flat? :innocent:

I don’t really understand why you need 64 bit userspace? Docker images exists only for 64 bit?

Afaik images indeed exist on 64 bit. 64 bit x86, not arm. Why do I need 64 bit arm? I did not say I need, I wonder why 32-bit on 64 bit kernel.

Btw what about more than 4GB Ram hardware? Still 32-bit userspace?

I understand.

There are historical reasons why CE is 32 bit which is not really know at this time. I think Kodi performed better.

Few more reasons collected:

memory bandwidth is better with 32bit
we can only have widevine and RetroArch with 32bit currently
till this day even Google prefers arm 32bit over arm64
there is no chromeOS device with pure 64bit arm

I am not concerned that a task can run a millisecond faster or that it needs 100MB less RAM, I am primarily interested in compatibility. For more than 20 years, a 64bit system is always more compatible than 32bit. Also, if the CE kernel is 64-bit then it can run 64-bit applications, another thing is the reason for having limited this possibility.

A 64-bit task that cannot be run will always be slower than a 32-bit task that can be run :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

As written above 32 bit CE has more sense than 64 bit. If you really need 64 bit system use some other distro? Or build 64 bit CE :smiley:

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