Docker config permissions

I’m guessing this is a basic mistake. I’m trying to set up openvpn-as in a docker container. I use pia as my VPN provider. When building the container and trying to run it, I encounter a mkdir error for the config file. It says /home is read only. Is this a docker issue? Does CE control the filesystem or permissions differently than what I’m expecting? Thank you!!!

Ah, so am I completely wrong in trying this image on an n2 with coreelec? Will need to track down a different openvpn image?

Yep, I’m completely out of my element, got beyond the permissions issue and hit what you said cubimol. Is there an openvpn client for an n2 coreelec build? I’ve taken a run at the giggio/openvpn-arm one, but I don’t understand all of the setup. Just trying to connect to PIA. Learning a lot so far, but still obviously a lot to go.

It depends how you’re trying to run the container.
Are you building the container from a docker file using docker build or have you used docker pull?
If you used docker build, it’s likely that it has pulled the correct base image, and should run fine on the device.
CE always runs as root, and if you’re mapping a volume without changing permissions, the user inside of the docker may not have the permissions to create a folder.